About Dr. Janet Starr Hull, PhD., CN

About Dr. Janet Starr HullDr. Janet Starr Hull received her Doctorate Degree in Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health and earned her designation as a Certified Nutritionist (CN) from the American Health Science University and National Institute of Nutritional Education.

Dr. Hull is a Hazardous Waste and Emergency Response Specialist, a former firefighter, professor of Environmental Science and International Geography, certified fitness professional, and author. She is currently a nutritional counselor and researcher. Dr. Hull founded MicrobeConversions, Inc., a research-based corporation marketing mold remediation technology, and established the organization Children Harmed by Aspartame. She works with individuals worldwide. She is an expert on the dangers of the artificial sweetener aspartame and has developed a unique nutritional program and Ten Steps To Detoxification for disease recovery. Her experience and research led to a breakthrough concept for treatment of illness by identifying and eliminating the causes at the root of disease.

Dr. Hull is the author of the best selling book Sweet Poison How The World’s Most Popular Artificial Sweetener Is Killing Us - My Story -, New Horizon Press, USA, Sept., 1998, and Vision Publications, London, England, March, 2000, 2nd Ed, 2002. She is currently publishing her new book, Ten Steps To Detoxification: How To Prevent Radiation, Heavy Metals, and Food Chemicals From Destroying Your Health.

Dr. Hull recently hosted the syndicated radio talk show, HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES®, and has been the guest on over 300 national radio talk shows discussing her book and nutritional work.

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