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Some "Respectable" Natural Drink Choices

I am asked by so many people who want to stop drinking the diet drinks, "So, WHAT do I drink now?" My reply: THERE WAS PLENTY TO DRINK AND ENJOY BEFORE NUTRASWEET CAME ON THE MARKET! The healthy alternatives have... Continue Reading

Posted October 2008 | Permanent Link

Food Labeling - An Improvement, Not a Fix

Today, more people are becoming aware of the negative health affects sourced to the American fast food diet of pre-packaged foods, fake foods, processed foods, sub-standard foods, and chemically-laden foods. Doesn't sound too appetizing, does it? But that's what... Continue Reading

Posted October 2008 | Permanent Link

People Taking Up Brominated Flame Retardants From Dust In Homes

Science News – January 17, 2007 The risk of PBDEs in dust New research confirms that people can take up brominated flame retardants from the dust in their homes. Scientists have long suspected that dust can play a major role... Continue Reading

Posted January 2007 | Permanent Link

She Heard It Through the Diet Grapevine

Popular diets and fasts come and go, but detoxification programs remain a perennial favorite, "a kind of folk regimen that owes its popularity to word of mouth and the Internet," states Lola Ogunnaike of the New York Times. Songwriter and... Continue Reading

Posted December 2006 | Permanent Link

Taking out the toxins

3 manufacturers to remove chemicals from nail polish that have been linked to cancer, birth defects BY DELTHIA RICKS Newsday Staff Writer September 6, 2006 Confronting the criticism of health and environmental groups, three major nail polish manufacturers - including... Continue Reading

Posted September 2006 | Permanent Link

Bleaching agent in flour linked to diabetes

Read the Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet!! Old cookbooks, nutrition books written before 1950, and learning about the geography of other countries will re-educate the consumer on how real eating...real foods...and real health and wellness are a direct reflection on the... Continue Reading

Posted September 2006 | Permanent Link

Cancer Prevention Vitamins - B15 and B17

Wouldn't you like to know that two of the B-Complex vitamins help in the prevention of Fibromyalgia and support recovery from alcohol and drug addiction? All other animals instinctively know vitamins B15 and B17 are nature's cancer prevention. Humans can... Continue Reading

Posted August 2006 | Permanent Link

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