Ten Step Detoxification Program Overview

Ten Step Detoxification Program

How To Prevent Radiation, Heavy Metals, and Food Chemicals
From Destroying Your Health
By Janet Starr Hull, PhD, CN

Table of Contents

Author’s Note
Chapter 1 - Why Detox?
Chapter 2 - Ten Steps To Detoxification
Chapter 3 - The Detox Process How To Begin
Chapter 4 - Detoxing Disease
Chapter 5 - What To Expect
Chapter 6 - 1942 Cook Book
Chapter 7 - Body pH Balancing / Meal Recommendations
Chapter 8 - How To Do A Hair Analysis
Chapter 9 - The Soviet’s French Green Clay
Chapter 10 - My Own Brush With Death
Chapter 11 - Case Histories ASPARTAME
Chapter 12 - Case Histories INFECTIONS

Chapter 1
Why Detox?

The human body has not ‘kept up’ with technology. Human beings certainly shouldn’t eat technology! But that is happening today as a result of the onslaught of manufactured foods and the threat of chemical warfare. This very second, your physical body is inexplicably functioning internally exactly the way human bodies functioned 10,000 years ago. Because our bodies today are the same as in the past, it is critical to eat the same as in years past - centuries past. But, modern humans are adopting one of the most unnatural lifestyles known to mankind. Cancer rates and cardiovascular disease in the United States alone are among the highest in the world as a result.

Chapter 2
Ten Steps To Detoxification

I counsel people worldwide and have witnessed nine out of ten clients restore their health by following the Ten Step Detox Program. Begin with detoxing your body of all residual chemical toxins and see if any adverse health symptoms remain. Try the Detox Program and within 30 days your symptoms should improve if not completely disappear.

The Ten Steps:

1. Remove all chemicals from your diet.
2. Learn to 'read' your body. Begin recording any health changes.
3. Get a hair analysis.
4. Be happy with yourself.
5. Detoxify.
6. Restore depleted nutrients.
7. Exercise and get plenty of rest.
8. Eat 75% raw foods at every meal.
9. Drink water, water, water.
10. Get control of your life.

Chapter 3
The Detox Process
How To Begin

I have combined very specific vitamins and nutrients known to remove toxins from the soil and groundwater into a natural detoxification diet for the human body. My natural detoxification program lifts heavy metals, radiation, food chemicals, parasites, bacteria, and mold out of body tissues and eliminates them via the bloodstream, water stores, and fecal waste.

The effects of my natural detoxification diet for human body detoxification are amazing. What works in nature can surely work in man.

The components of the Detoxification Program consist of:

  1. French Green Clay
  2. B-Complex
  3. B3 Niacin
  4. Digestive Enzymes
  5. Vitamin C
  6. Multi-vitamin

Chapter 4
Detoxing Disease

I believe in miracles. The human body is one of the most miraculous creations there is. Just let it do its thing and witness a miracle everyday. Blink, breathe, think, feel, and heal a cut. When you let your body take charge of itself, it does quite well on its own! Mankind started out this way. Many cultures around the world still live this way.

All organisms are subject to disease. The causes of some diseases are unidentified, but they range from living to non-living agents that invade or affect the body, to various environmental and psychological conditions, to hereditary factors. There are genetic diseases, infectious diseases, parasitic diseases, system and organ diseases, and diseases caused by contamination - contamination by chemicals humans have no business eating. The more chemicals we add to our foods, more new diseases develop. Are we to control disease, or is disease controlling us?

Chapter 5
What To Expect

Have you ever driven by a landfill or sewer on a hot day or been in a room where something died within the walls? It has a distinct rancid odor, wouldn’t you say? This isn’t the most pleasant thought, but when you have putrid chemicals, bacteria, or yeasts within your body that have been trapped for weeks, months, or years, it’s going to have a rotten odor when you remove it. As you detox your body, you may experience an unpleasant odor in your stools and/or from your pores, and you might need to take more than one shower or bath each day until you have purged all the toxins. You may also experience headaches, initially, or flu-like symptoms.

I advise people to look for their body’s weak link, which is usually an inherited weakness. This is where toxins within your body will be noticed first because this is the weakest part of your make-up. Toxins affect your weakest link first – because it’s weak. By removing all chemical toxins from your diet and environment, you can focus on strengthening your weaknesses rather than slowly tearing them down over time.

Chapter 6
1942 Cook Book

1942: “A nation is as healthy as the food it eats. We in America are a privileged people - we have in abundance a greater variety of food at all seasons of the year than any other people in the world. Out of this bounty, the meal-planner must select the right food to build the health and stamina of her family. To do so, she must know what to choose.”

Dorothy Kirk wrote this quote in 1942 for the Woman’s Home Companion Cook Book, Garden City Publishing Company. Today, the U.S. Government acknowledges the following five ‘basic’ food groups: Dairy, Meats, Grains, Fruits, and Vegetables. It is currently being proposed that the Dairy Group be excluded, deeming only four major food groups necessary for good health in modern society. In 1942, there were eight food groups. I think we should go back to the original eight! If you include one food from each of the original eight food groups in your daily diet, you can rest assured you will receive the proper nutrients to stay healthy and naturally fit.

Chapter 7
Body pH Balancing/Meal Recommendations

A Universal Diet does not exist. People are individual and unique. So what works for one person may not work for the next. To find YOUR balance, it is helpful to know not only your own personal needs, but the correct preparation of whole foods, how not to overeat, how to choose high-quality foods, how to avoid too many unnatural food combinations, and the art of learning the broad range of nutritious foods, including chlorophyll-rich plants, the best source of certain fatty acids, and the dangers of food chemicals like aspartame, MSG, and food colorings.

The human body should be slightly alkaline in order to build an alkaline reserve for acid-forming conditions such as stress, lack of exercise, or poor dietary habits. When the body is too acidic as a result of acid forming foods, high fat, mucus forming foods, or toxic food residues, disease and infections proliferate.

Chapter 7 includes the 75/25 Eating Plan for proper pH balancing. Click here to view a snap shot of Dr. Hull's 75/25 Eating Plan.

Chapter 8
How To Do A Hair Analysis

The hair analysis is the best "road map" to a history of what's going on
inside of the body, which points to ‘why’ disease symptoms begin. As I
discovered through my personal disease recovery, I couldn't fight what I
couldn't see. Once I identified the elemental cause of my disease, I then
began to heal.

Drug and chemical residues, toxins, heavy metals, and radiation present in the body embed in hair fiber as it grows. Hair has the advantage of long-term memory. It's a permanent record, like tree rings. A three-inch strand of human hair will give a six-month history of what's going on in the body since head hair grows at a rate of about a half an inch a month.

I explain in Chapter 8 how to do a hair analysis. It’s a simple and easy
process that can be done through the mail.

Chapter 9
The Soviet’s French Green Clay

I left my position teaching Environmental Science at The University of North Texas during my recovery from ‘Grave’s Disease’ to become involved in one of the most stimulating environmental projects I’ve ever been associated with. It may appear that this chapter does not belong in a book about detoxification, but it illustrates how this entire detoxification process began and who first introduced me to French Green Clay. Recovering from my own illness, I discovered that pollution is not exclusive to the outside environment. Pollution is inside our bodies in the same form as in the soil, air, and water. The devastating pollution in Eastern Europe taught me how to detox the human body.

Chapter 10
My Brush With Death

In 1991, I was diagnosed with a life-threatening case of Grave’s Disease. The disease came out of nowhere. I’d always been healthy, so I had a hard time accepting my sudden, uncertain fate.

I searched for the cause of my incurable disease and found it – the sugar-free chemical food additive, aspartame. After I removed aspartame from my diet, replaced the depleted nutrients aspartame had destroyed within my body, I healed my ‘incurable’ disease in thirty days. I share my story in Chapter 10.

Chapter 11
Case Histories

Chapter 11 includes seventeen selected case histories on aspartame poisoning, including death. The following cases histories include:

  • Children’s Chewable Vitamins With Aspartame
  • More Than A Case Of The Flu
  • Children On Aspartame
  • Aspartame Disease
  • Severe Aspartame Symptoms
  • Gastrointestinal Problems
  • A Woman Who Almost Killed Her Husband
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Dizzy Spells and Blackouts
  • Numbness Even As I Type
  • Nervous Twitch
  • A Bodybuilder Not Buying Into The Hype Of Aspartame
  • Violent Seizures
  • Short But Sweet
  • Merely Two Weeks Makes A Difference
  • Sixteen Years Of Aspartame
  • Depression, Rage and Migraines

Chapter 12
Case Histories

Chapter 12 includes six selected case histories on natural recovery from infections and degenerative disease using nutrition and detoxification. The following cases histories include:

  • A.I.D.S.
  • Recurring Boils
  • Hepatitis B
  • Recurring Ear Infection
  • Acne
  • Melanoma

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