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The 10 Step Detoxification Program By Dr. Janet Starr Hull Can Rremove: Radiation Poisoning, Heavy Metals i.e. mercury, Food Chemicals i.e. aspartame, Pesticides / Yeast / Mold, Microorganisms, Alcohol toxicity, And more!

Chapter Overview
A description of each chapter including: Why Detox? Ten Steps To Detoxification, The Detox Process How To Begin, Detoxing Disease, What To Expect, 1942 Cook Book and more.

About Dr. Janet Hull
Dr. Janet Starr Hull received her Doctorate Degree in Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health and earned her designation as a Certified Nutritionist (CN) from the American Health Science University and National Institute of Nutritional Education.

Dr. Hull's counseling expertise is based on her professional background, see what others are saying her Detox Program.

Resources including Detox, Nutrition, Books and more!

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Health Articles including detoxification, food tips, children and more.

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