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Dr. Hull's counseling expertise is based on her professional background.  She holds a Doctorate in Nutrition, a Master's Degree in Environmental Science, is an international geographer and geologist, a former university professor, firefighter and Hazardous Waste Specialist and Emergency Responder.  She is a Licensed Certified Nutritionist, certified fitness professional, author and aspartame victim.

Dr. Hull has dedicated her past 10 years in practice to informing aspartame victims on how to restore their health naturally.  Her Ten Step Detoxification Program has revolutionized the harmful effects of the diet industry.

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I just visited your website after hearing about aspartame poisoning on Arnie Carlson’s radio program. I've known for years that too much diet cola makes me fuzzyheaded or gives me a headache, and yet I continue to drink it. In fact, as I write this I have a half a can right next to me - now in the garbage.

Thank you for your informative website! I'm going to drink more water and give up my diet colas for good. I've often thought my inarticulate episodes have held me back professionally and it's time to take control again. Please keep up your efforts in informing us of the dangers of aspartame.



I have noticed that my hair has lost some of it's gray. The color seems to be coming back to it. The supplements that I am taking must be helping with this. My hair seems to be shinning more also. My husband said he noticed it too.

Had my 49th birthday in October. I felt better this year than in several years before after being on your program this past year. I know for 3 years all I did on those birthdays is cry.

Doing better!
Betsy K.

Hello Dr. Hull,

My name is Emilia and I followed your recommendations for Graves after having a hair analysis. I started taking vitamins in October.

I am generally better. My pulse is not racing as bad as it was and my trips to the bathroom seem to have decreased. I feel very good when I eat beans and cabbage.

Thank you very much for your advice,

Dear Dr. Janet Starr Hull,

I've spent the evening reading your entire web site and am very encouraged by your information and detox program! I've been heavy drinker of Diet Mt. Dew for the past 10 years and have noticed a progressive presence of many of the aspartame poisoning symptoms during the past 6-8 months. I'm scared.

I totally appreciate all the work you have put into your solution. Thank you for sharing so much valuable information on your web site. It's awful that so many people are poisoning their bodies every day. I'm hopeful that I've learned of these problems early enough to give me a chance to recover my health. I'm committed to sharing this information with as many people as possible to try to help others out as well.

Chris H.

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