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Dr. Hull's counseling expertise is based on her professional background.  She holds a Doctorate in Nutrition, a Master's Degree in Environmental Science, is an international geographer and geologist, a former university professor, firefighter and Hazardous Waste Specialist and Emergency Responder.  She is a Licensed Certified Nutritionist, certified fitness professional, author and aspartame victim.

Dr. Hull has dedicated her past 10 years in practice to informing aspartame victims on how to restore their health naturally.  Her Ten Step Detoxification Program has revolutionized the harmful effects of the diet industry.

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So many people are suffering with pain it makes me sick learning that physicians CAN NOT bring them any hope for relief! Would like to send them all your way for advice!

Chuck W.

Dear Dr Hull,

Sadly, the bizarre behavior being exhibited in American young people is telling the story and it is going to take more than one book to get the message out. TV talk shows and Radio talk shows are where Americans seem to be getting their information these days. With any luck, I will see you and those who have been harmed by aspartame and other toxic chemicals on such shows as OPRAH and maybe then people will begin to listen.

P.V.., RN

When I read the info on your site, I got tears in my eyes. I hope that the people in the world come to realize that we are altering our bodies with the (high profit-making) products that companies are producing, and don't care about the consequences from any of it at all. I work around a lot of children, and the junk food that they eat is horrendous.....they overeat processed foods, then think they are compensating by drinking diet pop....even the regular pop, with its high-fructose corn syrup is terrible. Anyway, this has been a life-saving thing to me, to have found your website.

I'm going to monitor how I'm feeling. I will never touch any product with chemicals in it, and will help spread the word. I wish the government would step in and do something....maybe if a lot of them got sick they would realize something IS going on with artificial food products.

Thanks for listening.


WOW!!! 2 days continuous rewetting with the clay and my boils are nearly gone, is that incredible or what?

This is way more economical than the many "drugs" recommended!!!

Nora W.

Dr. Starr Hull,

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I realize you must be very busy. I am so grateful for the information on your website- it is about time that the sick dangers of excitotoxins be publicized.

As a former anorectic, bulimic, and (formerly, thank goodness!) completely-obsessed-with weight person, I have consumed a nauseating quantity of aspartame and diet chemicals in my life. Of course I have now cut out all forms of artificial sweeteners - but this is recent.

I work at a gym and am currently working on a bulletin board on the dangers of excitotoxins. Hopefully it will awaken our exercise and diet obsessed members. Thank you so much.

Holly K.

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